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Choosing The Best Air Compressor

With the many options available, choosing the best air compressor can prove to be a daunting task. If you are in dire need of an air compressor, you may have already paid a visit to a local hardware store, only to discover that it made you even more confused. And if you are digital, you may have a given the internet a try, and the results? Well, frustrating! You couldn’t just settle on a single brand!

Apparently, there are many models and brands of air compressors, all with different features. This makes it hard for you to settle on one air compressor. Listen, if you are to settle on the best air compressor the first time, here is a guide that you need to follow:

  1. Prepare a list of the features that you need

Before you can make decisions regarding air compressors, you need to know exactly what you need and perhaps what you will be using the compressor for. Do you need a quiet air compressor? Or do you need a light one? These are just some few questions that you should ask yourself before settling on a particular air compressor. If you need a compressor to use in a garage then most likely you won’t be bothered by its loudness. However, if you are looking for an air compressor to use on a job site, then you will need a less noisy one. The point is, prepare a list of the features that you need in an air compressor, and look for one that has exactly these features.

  1. Consider the pump

Essentially, there are three types of pumps that you can opt for: direct drive pumps, invector pumps, and belt-drive pumps. Invector pumps are mostly found in lightweight air compressors, which tend to have air cooling systems and universal motors. These air compressors also tend to last for a longer period of time. If you are investing in an air compressor for the very first time, and you are uncertain of how many times you will be using it, then consider an invector pump.

Air compressors with direct-drive pumps, on the other hand, have standard induction motors. As such, they use no oil and hence you don’t have to worry about regularly changing oil. For a person who uses a compressor once in a while, this is the ultimate air compressor to go for.

Lastly, air compressors that have belt-drive pumps are admittedly the quietest. It is no wonder most businesses prefer these type of air compressors—they cannot distract employees who are working around the compressors. These air compressors, however, need a lot of maintenance than the above two, so if you opt for them, expect to change oil and filter regularly.

  1. Power

If you are to buy the right air compressor, then you need to know how much power the air compressor should have. This will largely depend on what you will be using the compressor for and how frequently you will be using it.

There are many types of air compressors in the market today, and thus it is pretty easy for one to get confused. However, if you know exactly what you need, be sure to find the best air compressor.


Volks New Luxury


The new polo range has made an appearance for its new luxury range in leading CAR magazine being praised for the new high spec and style of the 2015 range. The cars have been a popular choice for wedding car hiring and red carpet transport and were spotted at this year Oscar Television Awards. The new smooth operating system built into the engine makes this Polo an excellent choice for poole driving lessons and people have loved both the diesel and petrol options. The black paint with black alloy wheels has certainly been a catch for celebrities such as Alisha Keys and Ed Sheeran who were seen driving the 2015 sports car earlier this month. The new polo has even been used as a wedding cars for its spacious interior, which when a bride has a big dress, is a suitable option. 

£25million Road Completed


The new autobahn in West Germany, which started 2 years ago is finally finished and ready for use in the coming weeks. German road engineers said it was on of the longest and hardest roads they’ve had to build but it has all the modern and future technology, which are going to make roads safer and more enjoyable. The roads are fitted with solar panels which power the road lines and in cold weather can even heat up the road to reduce ice build up. The investment has been said to revolutionise roads all across the world and it is a step forward into creating a more eco friendly globe.

The 230-mile long 3-lane highway is now one of largest straight roads in Germany, and without speed limits on the straight parts cars are able to travel a staggering 160mph for up to 20 minutes without interference. The roads have passed all safety measures with flying colours and have even introduced a few new additional safety rules with the new car warranty technology used on the road. Volkswagen Group ltd will be showcasing a 10-mile drag race with its newest cars, which are to be revealed on the day and have been rumoured to be the fast road car ever!


The polo has been on the streets of the world since 1975 when German manufacture Volkswagen first introduced this wonderful ‘super mini’. The popular range comes in hatchback, coupe, estate and sedan, of which Volkswagen have sold over 15 million cars across Europe. The Polo range is still today a popular choice for drivers across the world due to its size to power ratio, for a reasonable sale price, which attracts a wide audience. The car range was historically known to come from the Audi 50 hatchback, which was discontinued due its wishes to move the brand to bigger luxury cars.

The first Polo released in 1975 was the mark I body shape in the hatchback model, which had a slow sales report. It wasn’t until the mark II was released when popularity grew and the polo was on its way to being the best car in the world. In fact in 2010 it was officially awarded as the ‘World Car of The Year’, and Volkswagen celebrated by the amazing offer in had on the new salon model it released that year. The polo has had over five generations of redesigning of the Polo range and is still today one the worlds most popular car.


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