Last Chance Tournament

A lively note with ten time competing in the last Chance Tournament ended during the 2016 Polo Season. Teams and players from all across California joined in, on the fun playing 2 games over the course of the weekend. Participants enjoyed a traditional Argentine asado, compliments of birthday boy Matias Doorn on the California Polo Club team.

After a series of playoff games between the 8 teams entered into the 0-1 goal, World Gym and Klentner Ranch emerged from the pack. World Gym demonstrated great defense throughout the tournament and held high scoring Klentner Ranch team only one goal in the final two chukker playoff game. Luke Klentner scored the only goal of the final round, leading his team to victory. Melanja Jones was awarded MVP for her strong defensive efforts. Jake Klentner’s mare, Flora, was named Best Playing Pony. Justin Klentner was presented with a special participation award following the game. His Klentner Ranch team participated in every level of polo offered by the club throughout the year.